Watching Dreaming Mary

Oh so CUTE- wait… nooo nono stop that, Wh- Don’t do the thing, the seeds w- D: THE PAINTING.


Who is this special somepony? Hmmmmm?

Haha no Special Somepony. You asked if I WAS LOOKING. Peeps can be cute as hella to me

Anyone caught your eye as of late?

I hope the fireworks were not too much for you this year -hugs-

They were pretty bad. Im with a friend but I always tend to have a really hard time.

Will the cutie be streaming when he gets back? OwO

Sure if people want me to. 6 hour drive I may be derpy

I love your face ‾//w//‾

My sunburned freckle face? Naw

Of course~! *butt wiggles like a pro in your direction*

Dat booty game too strong.

When will the cutie be getting back to his followers?

Ill be home in a day or two! I miss you already.

I salute you with buttwiggles *does buttwiggles*

Awe yisss

Hiii new followers n old. 0v0